Agriculture, apart from being a way of life, is crucial for the national and social-economic growth and development and the sustainability of the rural area.

Any country with natural potentials has to strategically produce food for its own needs, this is not only an economic question, but also a matter of safety and strategy.

In order to achieve long-term sustainability and growth of agricultural production, it is key to reach consensus among all stakeholders when it comes to the value and importance that agriculture has for the development of rural areas and economic development in general.

We at SMARTER have the know-how, expretise and experience to be able, afte ran in-depth analysis of the situation in the agriculture and food industry sector, to come up with a strategy that would secure growth with the long-term goal of creating a viable, competitive and socially responsible production.

We are convinced that such goals and growth can be achieved in a way that will meet ethical principles of circular economy.

Practise has shown that the best results are achieved through the synergy arising from horizontal and vertical integration of the agriculture and food industry of a country.

Within any agricultural and food production room can be found to raise productivity and income and implement a more successful market strategy that would provide for new value and sustainability in the long term.

We belive that in the long run, with proper investments in both human and material sesources, development effects can be secured that will contribute to the growth of overall social wealth, the welfare of all people and the preservation of natural resources.

Together we are Smarter

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